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Set the precedent in grounds maintenance

As a top-tier educational facility, you want your grounds to be landscaped in a way that embodies your school pride and commitment to excellence while showcasing your overall brand to current and future enrollees. Optimal practical management, site-specific programming and low impact service can be the keys to providing a functional educational space that welcomes staff, learners and other visitors. 

As experts in school grounds maintenance, we’ll take care of the particulars, leaving you free to maintain your prestigious reputation by delivering an outstanding educational experience.

Focus on what you do best

Just as you’re experts in education, we’re experts in greenkeeping and horticulture. With our education construction services and landscaping, we can assist you with manicured turf, healthy plants, beautiful hedges and more.

We’ll help you:

  • Maintain iconic, picturesque school grounds that are fit to represent the superior education you provide. We make sure your grounds send the message that you care about the details;
  • Improve your productivity to gain a competitive edge – have everyone asking how you do it;
  • Reduce cost blow outs, ensuring funding is available when it’s needed;
  • Save time! Is your time really best spent managing the grounds crews?
  • Minimise up front costs thanks to our large scale purchasing power;
  • Reduce your business risks. With us, worker safety and public liability is already covered;
  • We make sure you’re ready for those special events, whether that means an extra day of hedging so you’re ready for open day or scheduling our mowing so that there’s extra flexibility for those surprise visits.

School grounds maintenance

Proper school ground maintenance can help your institution stand out in the crowded field of education. Our landscape maintenance services make it clear that you take education seriously – that you’re invested in the future of students. From working with you to develop brand new gardens or building fun new playgrounds to performing regular maintenance throughout the year, you’ll have a team of experts dedicated to keeping your grounds in tip-top shape.

Our professional school grounds maintenance can provide a look for every part of the calendar, with seasonal floral displays developed with our decades of experience. Put your best foot forward for fetes, graduation, end of year assembly and sports carnivals. And speaking of sport, give kids the chance to live their athletic dreams safely with well-manicured pitches and playing surfaces.

Proper landscape management can help parents envision their young learners growing into young men and women in a welcoming natural environment. From big-picture projects like irrigation and water management down to our continual weed and pest management and everything else, we’ve got everything covered so you don’t have to.

University and campus grounds maintenance

An attractive campus full of shared outdoor spaces and recreational facilities is key if you want to attract the best and brightest minds in the country. With students and their parents visiting multiple unis in their search for higher learning, you want your campus to look its best at all times. Regular maintenance can help it do exactly that.

For more major changes, we can work hand-in-hand with some of the best landscape architects to breathe fresh life into your grounds with bright beds and develop entirely new green, shared spaces in which students can see themselves reading between class, grabbing a bite with mates, meeting to discuss a group project or throwing a frisbee. And with club sports a key part of the uni lifestyle and culture for many, our sports turf management can ensure you have the facilities to host matches for years to come.

Our commitment and expertise in landscape maintenance matches your dedication to delivering a quality education. And we understand finding funding can be a constant battle. Our purchasing power and coverage of worker safety and public liability minimises your costs, making projects more affordable – and more valuable. Let us take care of landscape maintenance to free up your team to tackle other projects around the grounds.

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University Grounds Maintenance is crucial because it keeps the facility looking clean and welcomng. It might even go as far as increasing the enrollment at the Institution.

Sports turf maintenance for schools and universities

Keeping your pitches pristine can make all the difference for current students and prospective attendees you’ll try to attract in the future. Our sport turf maintenance can have your facilities ready for every pass, kick and tackle throughout the season – and might just help keep the twisted ankles, blown out knees and busted hips to a minimum.

With our mix of extensive knowledge, access to cutting-edge resources and years of experience, we can provide carpet-like natural, synthetic or hybrid turf that will make players from around the country look forward to lacing up their boots and getting into the action. Our flexibility lets us help you at every stage of your turf journey. From upgrading a single pitch to developing a multi-field, multi-sport facility, to ongoing maintenance throughout the year and off-season prep, we’re on top of it.

And we can cover much more than the surface itself. We’ve also got experience in drainage and irrigation, so you don’t have to sweat wet forecasts and the associated hassles of postponements and rescheduling. We can even help you with proper lighting, giving you the chance to offer up prime athletic venues that shine at night.

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Education maintenance contract

Sick of budget blowouts? Say goodbye to them with our transparent, upfront costing method and fixed fees. You’ll know what you’re paying for and when, so you can keep any nasty surprises far from your ledger. Speaking of what you’re paying for, don’t worry about covering staffing and equipment, as that’s our responsibility. And with our decades of experience, we can accurately forecast asset replacement costs to help you better budget for your ground’s future.

Converting your grounds maintenance to private contract can reduce your operational costs by around 15-20%. Contact us today so we can come out and discuss the best way to make your grounds look their best again on a budget that suits your organisation.

Why use Lawnking Treefelling & Landscaping for education grounds maintenance?

 We have over 8 years of landscape management experience, during which we’ve helped keep properties of all shapes and sizes looking their best. 

We’ve discovered the most efficient methods of getting the job done, which means less cost bloat and more results for our clients. It’s a healthy mix of all-rounders and specialists that gives us the power to deploy the right group for your grounds. 

That means all the benefits, backing and resources of a big company with the personal touch and attention to detail of a purpose-built program just for you. And with full responsibility and coverage for our staff, you won’t have to worry about accidents that happen while we’re taking care of business.

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