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How Artificial Grass Is Safe For Playground Surfaces

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There’s a lot to think about when deciding on a playground or play area surfaces like synthetic turf or artificial grass. You want something that can survive a lot of use while yet being safe and accessible for everyone who wants to play.

This fake grass is gradually displacing natural grass as a playground surface in Johannesburg. Consider schools, colleges, nurseries, daycare facilities, public parks, and other such establishments. Aside from that, it’s becoming a popular choice among dog kennels. This preference for artificial grass is large because of the safety of having artificial grass for playground surfaces.

You’ve probably seen a number of these installations in your neighborhood— you probably just didn’t realize it since current synthetic turf appears so lifelike and real. That should tell you how safe it is, but we recognize that as a parent or pet owner, you might have high expectations. And rightly so, for nothing is more vital than your children’s and pets’ safety. So, let’s discuss what makes the greatest artificial grass a safe choice for the entire family—including your four-legged pals!

Advantages of an Artificial Turf Playground

1- Soft Underfoot

The artificial turf of the high grade will never feel like false grass. It’s luscious, smooth, and mild, making it ideal for sensitive feet and paws. Furthermore, the installation process removes the majority of yard detritus. It removes grass seeds, sharp rocks, and other risks that could harm your feet.

Artificial grass, as a result, provides a comfortable environment in which children and pets can run, jump, and play all day!

2- Provides Fall Protection

One of the main reasons schools and daycare facilities are switching to synthetic turf is because of the fall protection advantage. The ASTM 1292 fall height requirement is used to determine this. When a child falls from a crucial height or playground equipment, this metric determines how safe a surface is. Due to the hard ground beneath it, natural grass is frequently non-compliant with the fall height rating.

3- No Pests

Have you ever had to deal with a flea problem or mosquito bites in the summer? If you have a real lawn, pests and insects are only a matter of time before they show up. If you have a synthetic lawn, there won’t be any issue with using pesticides on your lawn, as it’s fake grass

made of synthetic fiber. Moreover, this would keep your children or kids free from the harmful chemicals that are there in pesticides.

4- Anti-Bacterial Protection

When parents and dog owners learn about turf’s anti-bacterial characteristics, they are often startled. It helps to repel microorganisms as a playground surface. It also keeps your dog and youngster from chasing them around the house after they’ve played in the yard. This safety surface feature not only keeps your lawn clean but also keeps your home clean and safe.


On the grass, kids are rough. As long as you let them, they’ll stomp, jump, run, and play hard on it. Dogs too enjoy the soiling and can’t get enough of digging in the mud. These activities will eventually result in dips, ruts, and other injury-causing flaws in your lawn. They raise the risk of trips and falls, as well as make your yard shambles. On a synthetic playing surface, none of it will happen. Dogs, for example, are unable to dig through it or rip the threads out. Children can try all they want, but no amount of tumbling or jumping will harm synthetic turf.

6-It is Non-Toxic

First and foremost, high-quality playground grass is constructed from lead-free materials. Therefore, you’ll never have to use pesticides, herbicides, or weedicides on a synthetic playground. It also doesn’t require chemical fertilization. As a result, your pet or children will not come into contact with these harmful compounds. Best of all, without them, your grass will remain lush and evergreen.

7-Not Slippery When Wet

On a wet lawn, one bad fall can result in major injury. Dogs and children are at a significantly higher risk. Playground turf, on the other hand, does not become slick when wet. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s a popular choice for pool surrounds and other water features. The superb drainage system, for starters, conducts water away from the surface, allowing it to dry quickly. Furthermore, even when there is dampness on the field, synthetic turf fibers give secure footing. Allow your pets and children to play in the yard the next time it rains! Better yet, become a part of it!

8-Areas you can Install an Artificial Grass

You can have a playground turf or artificial grass installed in places where there is an increased footfall of children and pets. Some of them are; playgrounds, parks, schools, day-care centers, and indoor play areas.

We hope this article helped you understand the safety and comfort that artificial grass provides, and how it is always a better option when it concerns the safety of our children and pets. Even for adults playing in playgrounds, artificial turfs don’t have a hard surface like natural grass and hence protect from serious injury.

While in this article, we cover the safety features of artificial grass, this is just one part of it. Artificial grass is also durable and requires minimum maintenance. It has a good drainage system, hence there are no chances of clogging or water logging after a heavy downpour. Instead, a good rain will clean your artificial turf lawn and make it lush green and clean. 

Artificial turf not only accentuates the entire look of the playground but as we have discussed it also serves as a good alternative to natural grass. If you are looking forward to recreating your lawn in a safer, more beneficial manner, then opting for artificial turf is indeed a good investment.

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