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Instant Lawn Randburg

Tree Removal and Instant Lawn Services for Corporate & Private Properties in Gauteng!

Suppliers of Instant Lawn in Gauteng

We are an instant lawn company based in Randburg, Gauteng.

Why should you BUY INSTANT LAWN from LawnKing? Because we are an established company that has been supplying and istalling grass in Gauteng since 2020.

Have your property looking great all year around, Lawn King – Gauteng, supplies instant lawn all year around.

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  • Kikuyu and LM (Elem Lawn) Grass / Lawn .  Both LM lawn/LM Grass and Kikuyu are supplied on order.

  • DELIVERY of instant lawn to most parts of Gauteng.

  • LAYING of instant lawn in most parts of Gauteng.

  • ALL YEAR round lawn sales and installation by professionals.

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Kikuyu Lawn

Kikuyu grass is extremely easy to take care of. It grows and spreads quickly and is the perfect turf plant to replace a lawn or cover up bare patches.

This type of grass is the ideal solution for dry spells, areas of high foot traffic and water restrictions. In areas where the climate is hot in summer and mild in winter, this is the ground cover you want in your garden.


Kikuyu grass is very easy to propagate through transplanting. While it flourishes throughout the year, it will benefit from spring planting.

Planting Kikuyu runners is very easy and you can direct the runners to maximise coverage. Secondary runners will soon sprout and make the lawn denser.


Water often at the beginning, but less frequently as it becomes establish otherwise you’ll need to mow your lawn too frequently.

Kikuyu doesn’t like to be mowed too often or too short, so space mowing some time apart. It also doesn’t need fertiliser, as it grows well in any type of soil. In livestock fields, you’ll notice interesting grass mounds where it’s flourished from the animal droppings.


  • The most widely used variety
  • Exposure – full sun
  • Soil – ordinary
  • Suits a wide range of soil types
  • Vigorous grower
  • Suitable for full sun, not shade tolerant
  • Bright green in colour
  • Coarse leaf texture
  • Good recovery from drought
  • Fast establishment rate
  • Excellent wearability
  • Cut regularly during summer
  • Goes dormant on the Highveld in winter
  • Requires a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day to thrive
Supply and installation: Randburg, roodepoort, johannesburg and Pretoria.
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lM Grass

LM grass, also known as Durban grass, coat grass and sweet smother grass, is indigenous to South Africa, found predominantly on the KZN coast and Mozambique. It forms a dense, dark green lawn under ideal growing conditions. LM grass performs well in full sun, as well as in shady and semi-shade conditions. This grass has a creeping growth habit but it’s not as invasive as Kikuyu.

LM grass is will tolerate heat and can recover from drought and heat stress through its creeping growth habit.


LM grass works well for home lawns, office parks, rough areas on golf courses, and shaded areas. When transplanting your grass, start by killing off and removing existing grass, making sure you get to the underground runners as well.

Once the grass is 4 cm long, mow it at about 4 cm, generally once a week. Do not mow the lawn in frosty areas during winter to avoid exposing the upper leave growth to frost, causing cold damage.

LM grass does well with an irrigation system. If water is scarce the grass will go dormant and brown and die after an extended period of drought. So, despite it being relatively drought tolerant when it matures, it needs regular watering until the root system is established.

As a creeping grass LM can be used to cover bare patches.


  • Indigenous
  • Bright green in colour
  • Coarse leaf texture
  • Poor tolerance of drought and cold (high water usage)
  • Good tolerance of shade
  • Suits a wide range of soil types
  • Fast establishment rate
  • Fair wearability
  • Frost Sensitive
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Steps To Laying Instant Lawn

Advantages of instant Lawn

  • Inexpensive
  • Well maintained lawn increases the value of your property
  • Can act as fire barrier.
  • Large expanses of low-growing lawn is a great deterrent for vandals and other unwanted intruders.
  • Keeps pests at bay
  • Children enjoy the space
  • Pets enjoy the space

Lawn Care Tips

  • Water regularly! Once rooted 2 to 3 times weekly should be sufficien.
  • Lawn is maintained best with light regular watering rather than over watering from time to time.  (Just a note: Try watering between 6pm and 6am)
  • Trim regularly
  • Feed with the correct fertilizer from time to time, even manure can be use
  • Call us for advice.

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