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LawnKing Treefelling Randburg provides professional Tree Trimmng, Tree Prunnng, Palm Cleaning\ Palm Trimming and all related Garden Services.

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Tree Trimming Randburg

Whether for safety, tree health, or aesthetics it can be an essential part of maintaining your landscape to carry out regular Trimming of the trees on your property.

LawnKing Tree Trimming Randburg offers tree pruning and Tree trimming services designed to keep plants, shrubs and trees looking beautiful on your property. Tree Trimming Randburg Tree Care utilizes special equipment for pruning, which has been sterilized to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease from plant to plant.

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Types of Tree Pruning in Randburg

Depending on the state of your trees, there are many pruning options available to you that relate specifically to your own landscaping plans. These include:


Crown Cleaning

This process removes damaged, diseased and dead branches in order to improve the health of the tree.


Crown Thinning

Reduces the density of live tree branches, which reduces weight and physical stress while improving air circulation and sunlight.


Crown Raising

Removes annoying, low-hanging branches to provide more space and vertical clearance.


Crown Reduction

Reduces the overall weight and height of a split or cavity to reduce the chance of structural failure.


Crown Restoration

Restores the appearance and form of a tree that has been battered by a storm or damaged by animals.


Vista Pruning

Carefully prunes trees in front of a window to provide the most breathtaking view possible.

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When Should Tree Trimmimg Be Done?

Ideally, pruning should be done every few years to keep your trees looking healthy and vigorous. Regular pruning should also be done to remove dead or diseased wood, and weak branches. Although pruning can be done year-round, winter is an optimal season for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the size of your tree. We usually take about a few hours to cut a tree in a safe way and when your tree is high and bushy we may take a little longer because we have to ensure that ay objects nearby are not damaged.

There are number of reasons why you should take care of your trees and some include:

  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Tree Health

When a tree has not been taken care of, it may all of a sudden break into many parts and with large branches being to damage objects around the area such as cars which can be a costly affair. Taking care of your trees also ensures that your trees look attractive and provides a good atmosphere within your environment.

We offer complete tree removal services which also includes removing the root of the tree. This service can also be supplemented by filling in the hole of the tree root and you can choose different types of hole fillers such as sand and stones.

Yes, we provide free tree removal services after we have cut down your tree and this also comes with cutting down larger branches to smaller more manageable pieces which can be kept by you or can be removed by us when we are finished with the tree felling service.

Yes, we provide monthly and seasonal tree maintenance services that will ensure that your trees and garden is looking great all year round. Give us a call to find out more about our tree felling services made for you!

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