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Professional Lawn care Services in Gauteng

We are a  professional Garden Services  company based in Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Most humans take multivitamins, supplements, or medications… Your lawn needs nutrients and vitamins as well to stay healthy and fight off disease.
In addition to weekly mowing service, we also offer fertilization packages to keep your lawn green and healthy. The best way to keep the weeds and moss out is to have a thick healthy lawn with deep roots. Our basic treatment package is a 4-step program including moss and weed control, core aeration, and lime treatment to balance the pH of the soil. Our premium treatment package is a 9-step program that can turn your lawn around with added dethatching and organic fertilizations.

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We offer quality custom lawn care in Johannesburg for homeowners looking for the best in lawn care. In order to have a healthier, more vibrant yard, it requires more time spent weeding and fertilizing it, but like most homeowners your life is busy enough already. Fortunately, we can help by providing top-quality lawn service in Johannesburg that you can count on.

At LawnKing, we believe that high quality lawn maintenance is about more than just beautiful lawns, healthy trees and shrubs and pest-free gardens; but about providing exceptional customer service as well. On top of receiving an enviably gorgeous yard through our exceptional lawn treatment expertise, you’ll also receive our exclusive money back guarantee*.

Instant Lawn Randburg | Instant Lawn Fourways

Steps To Laying Instant Lawn

Advantages of instant Lawn

  • Inexpensive
  • Well maintained lawn increases the value of your property
  • Can act as fire barrier.
  • Large expanses of low-growing lawn is a great deterrent for vandals and other unwanted intruders.
  • Keeps pests at ba
  • Children enjoy the space
  • Pets enjoy the space

Lawn Care Tips

  • Water regularly! Once rooted 2 to 3 times weekly should be sufficient.
  • Lawn is maintained best with light regular watering rather than over watering from time to time.  (Just a note: Try watering between 6pm and 6am)
  • Trim regularly
  • Feed with the correct fertilizer from time to time, even manure can be used.
  • Call us for advice.

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