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Instant Lawn Installaton; How Much Does it Cost?

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thingUse Instant Lawn Randburg | Instant Lawn FourwaysInstant lawn Installation and preparing the ground for Instant lawn is not rocket science, and there is nothing complicated about it. However, it’s a physical and energy-requiring job, which is not so recommended for people with back problems. So, if you are feeling fit for the job and ready to handle the work yourself, you can go ahead quite confidently. Mind you, though, you may think that you’ll be saving this way on the turf installation cost (if you were to hire a specialist), but don’t forget that you’ll still need to invest in some special tools and equipment.

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No matter if you rely entirely on yourself or prefer to ask for professional help, turfing is the easiest way to achieve green and long-lasting lawn. In this article, we’ll cover both the cost of laying turf if you decide to complete the task yourself and how much a gardener might take to turf a lawn.

The cost of turfing a garden on your own
In such a case, you should consider all turf laying costs, from the expense for the turf itself to the equipment you have to buy or hire. Of course, the bigger your lawn is, the more it’ll cost you, and therefore you should start with some calculations.

How to estimate how much turf you will need?

Since the cost of laying turf is calculated per square metre, you should take some measurements and estimate how much turf your garden needs. It’s pretty easy and you don’t really need to be a mathematician, simply follow these steps:

  1. Measure each side of your lawn.
    You can do that easily by using a laser measure.
  2. Measurement is pretty straightforward.
    Multiply the length of your lawn by its width. Make sure all of your measurements are in the same units and if necessary measure twice so everything is correct.
  3. As we said above, the cost of turf is calculated per square metre.
    Since one side of the square is equal to one metre, all you need to do is to count the square metres inside your garden. That will give you a hint on how much rolls of turf you’ll need.
  4. Now let’s do the math.
    Multiply your lawn length by its width. For example, If your lawn is 20 metres long and 5 metres wide, that will make 20×5= 100 square metres. So, you need 100 square metres turf to cover the entire area.

What equipment is needed for Instant lawn Installation?

Besides the money you need to spend on the turf itself, the cost of turfing a garden depends on what equipment you’ll need to handle the job.

If you are a small garden owner, then you probably can do all the work manually. If not, you should have some mechanical tools to prepare the area.

Let’s start with removing the old lawn if this applies in your case. To make things easier, you can apply a weed killer on your old and tired-looking lawn and wait for about a few weeks till the magic works. Or you can buy or hire a turf cutting machine, which will help you remove the old lawn in less than a day. Note that if you choose the second option, you may need to pay someone to dispose of the old turf.

As soon as the old lawn is in the past, you should give the soil a good turn over. To do that, you need to buy or hire a rotavator. This also will increase your turfing costs since you should pay not only for the equipment but also for the fuel.

Using the Correct Tools For Your Instant Tuurf Ground Preparation

Once the soil is perfectly rotavated, you’ll need to level it and to deal with that, we advise using a landscaping rake.

Well, now your lawn is ready for the actual turf laying job. Before starting, we recommend the use of turfing boards. Once you lay the first row of turf, place the board on it. They will serve as an exact edge for the next row and avoid damage from walking on the freshly laid turf, which is not advised.

Last but not least, you should invest in a hosepipe and sprinkler. Your new lawn needs thorough and daily watering, so better not skip these gardening gadgets.
As you can see, we covered all the tools that you will need to complete the turf laying task by yourself. Given that, you can estimate the average cost of turfing your garden. Good preparation is an important part of achieving a beautiful lawn, so all of these tools are crucial for the job. And yes, the final expense is the turf cost itself and turf price can also vary, as most of the retailers offer different types of turf with different price tags.

How much do gardeners charge to Install Instant lawn?

Well, here we can’t advise you on the exact amount, as prices vary according to many factors. First come the size and condition of your garden and what preparation work it needs. Is your garden overgrown and do the gardeners need to clear it and remove the existing lawn? Will that require a waste removal, as well? Or is your garden uneven and needs levelling?

The above foregoing details can affect your turfing cost one way or another. Anyway, as we said, preparation is nearly 90% of the actual turf laying work and shouldn’t be underestimated. If you decide to rely on professional turf laying service, here is what you should expect from the landscapers to do:

    • Garden clearance

All the surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned and free of weeds, plants, old turf traces, debris, stones, etc. If there is some paving or decking, they can remove it, as well.

    • Precise levelling

The landscapers should level any sloped areas and uneven patches.

    • Topsoil application

This is a mixture of compost and soil, which will help establish the new turf’s root system.

    • Turf laying

The landscaper will overlap turf rolls, leaving no gaps between them so that you get a lush lawn with rolls, perfectly joined together.

    • Edging

This is done to achieve the aesthetic look of your lawn and to prevent your turf invading your flower beds or paving.

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