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Kikuyu Grass (Instant Lawn) – 1m2


Kikuyu Instant Lawn is a hard wearing lawn which forms a dense carpet and spreads quickly. It is normally dormant in areas that experience frost and will reshoot at the first sign of spring.

Kikuyu grass offers many benefits and is especially popular in South Africa due to the fact that it flourishes in hot temperatures. Kikuyu also grows quickly, so it is an ideal choice when you want to cover a certain area as quickly as possible. Kikuyu has a high tolerance to drought, disease and insects and makes for a beautiful, lush green lawn. Kikuyu lawn is ideal for turf areas, hillsides and banks, sports fields, golf courses and stadiums. It also has a rapid recovery rate, making it ideal for areas that need to grow quick cover or areas that were damaged.

We offer the following additional services:

Current soil preparation, existing lawn/weed removal and dumping – R25/m² extra
Installation of new Lawn and fertilizer – R15/m² extra


Kikuyu Grass Strengths
  • High quality forage if managed correctly.
  • Long growing season.
  • Highly persistent.
  • Survives long dry periods.
  • Responds well to nitrogen fertiliser in warm season.
  • Tolerant of heavy grazing.
  • Better frost tolerance than some warm season grasses.
  • Very effective for erosion control

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