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Why is Tree Felling a Necessary Service?

For local authorities needing to remove a tree from a public space or for homes suffering from structural damage, tree felling may be the most suitable remedial action.

Essentially, tree felling is the action of cutting down a tree to prevent the spread of disease and improve safety in the area. If not carried out correctly, tree felling can be very dangerous – as such, this type of work must be carried out by a tree care specialist. The Treefelling Specialist will plan the task meticulously, taking into account any potential hazards or risks.

So, why do trees sometimes need to be felled?

Tree felling is when Safety is concerned

Dead, diseased or dying trees can pose a major threat to the environment, as the large quantities of dead wood and the damage to the stability of the tree can create serious safety hazards, particularly during strong winds.

If not contained, the disease can spread to other types of trees which can see an entire species descend into extinction. As such, the help of a professional must be sought immediately to ensure the most appropriate action is taken.

The earlier the issue is identified, the quicker it can be rectified to protect the safety of the environment and those walking nearby. A thorough assessment of the tree will determine which course of care is required so that any problems are dealt with in the correct manner. More often than not, in the case of a dead or infected tree, the most appropriate course of action is tree felling.

Unsuitable for location

Aside from safety, trees might be unsuitable for the location they are in, whether this is due to subsidence issues or if an insurance company recommends felling to reduce risk of subsidence.

Subsidence and structural damage can sometimes be connected to the growth of tree roots which can impact a building’s foundations and drainage, particularly if an unsuitable species of tree has been planted too close to a building. In such cases, the most appropriate course of action is often the felling and removal of the tree to ensure the root of the problem is eradicated.

Visual considerations

Whilst the main reason for felling is predominantly for safety purposes, in some cases trees are cut down for aesthetic reasons or due to lack of light. As discussed in one of our previous articles which covers the laws surrounding trees on a property, many disputes which break out between neighbours is due to the wrongful felling of trees. As such, it’s worth researching your rights and hiring the expertise of a professional tree care company prior to taking any action yourself.

It’s worth noting that if the tree is protected by a preservation order or is located in a conservation area, work such as cutting down, topping, lopping and uprooting cannot be carried out on the tree. As such, a tree specialist will not proceed with any work without the permission of the authorities.

LawnKing Treefelling Services

With a wealth of industry experience, we at LawnKng Treefelling and Lnddscaping our specialist team are fully equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to ensure every project is completed safely and efficiently. From stump removal and felling to maintenance and surveys, we can facilitate the entire process, making sure that all work adheres to the relevant guidelines.

For further information or to book an appointment, simply contact us today – we’re always happy to help.

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