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Instant Lawn Maintenance For Sports Fields

Sports turf built to withstand all seasons

From laying the groundwork for a beautiful, newly built field of play to maintaining existing pitches of the highest standard, your sports venues can be ready to host matches all year round with the help of our expert sports turf construction, instant lawn installation and maintenance services.

Maybe your old pitch is calling out for artificial grass installation so your team can play its best atop synthetic turf. Or perhaps you need new grass laid around the wicket area of your cricket grounds, or need to clean up the goalmouth of your football pitch or make your fairways and greens cleaner and ready for stroke play. You might need an ongoing plan to keep your ground watered and thriving from the first bounce to the last siren of the grand final and through the offseason.

We also handle planning and designing surfaces that not only suit your sports, but also the soil and environment in which they’re played. And each project is led by a dedicated manager who serves as your convenient, single point of contact for any questions or concerns you have along the way. Whatever the case, LawnKing can develop and implement a plan that works for your sports turf project.

Sports Turf Management

Landscape Solutions has experience in all facets of sports turf installation and maintenance. You can totally replace your playing surface with a lush new carpet of natural grass. Alternatively, synthetic turf  installation that is more weather-resistant, stands up to wear and tear and can be safer for players.

Sports field and turf maintenance

The ability to cope with increased traffic, lower operatingfake artificial grass quotes randburg, artificial grass prices roodepoort costs and higher player satisfaction – these are just some of the benefits you can expect when Landscape Solutions is overseeing your sports turf maintenance.

Our sports turf management services mean our clients can avoid the stress of overseeing staff. We combine our professional skills, industry-leading resources and the latest in technology to provide our clients with enduring, high-performance turf surfaces. What does that mean for you? Well it means you’ll have quality turf, and more time to stay focused on things like player development and training.

Our experience in sports turf management also means we know exactly what to do when. We’ll let you know when any wear and tear in your field means a renovation is needed. And we’ll let you know if your irrigation system could do with some adjustments. Our sports turf maintenance services will also help you in preparing for Johannesburg’s harsh weather extremes. We make sure you come out the other side with your turf remaining as healthy as possible.

A comprehensive solution

Before commencing your next sports turf project, consider the advantages of engaging one company to take care of everything. We have perfected each stage to provide you with an end-to-end solution, whichever point you’re at. Contact Us or call us directly on 083 357 4409

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