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Tree Care and Tree Felling Are Key To Health Lawns in Randburg.

Why Tree Felling Is Important To Lawn Health

As you probably already know that we specialise in both Tree Felling and Instant Lawn servicesn in Randburg. This means that we are the right company t0 discuss this topic. Normally, you think of lawn care, you don’t often think of tree removal as part of this process. Yes, trees are typically part of the lawn, but they have different needs in regards to care and maintenance.

Tree Felling and Instant Lawn are complimentary services in Randburg.
Thick branch of a tree covered with lichen, a tree disease

When you have a diseased or damaged tree on your Randburg property, this can lead to many negative consequences such as unwanted pests, disease spreading to other areas of your property, and a drastic reduction in the value of your home and property. At LawnKing Gardens, we approach lawn care as a whole, and this includes removing sickly, unhealthy trees. Sometimes we remove trees that are invasive and taking sunlight from your lawn.

Unwanted Insects & Pests For Lawn

When invasive insects and pests have overrun a tree in your yard, you need to watch that these pests do not spread to other areas of your outdoor property. Not only will these vermin attack your trees, but when they spread, they can cause damage to grass, shrubs, flowers, and other landscaped areas. If not handled immediately and effectively, your lawn will begin to turn brown, and even possibly die due to the bugs.

Harmful Diseases

Did you know that a diseased tree can spread its harmful pathogens to other trees in your yard? That’s right, if not stopped in its tracks, the disease can move on and affect your other healthy trees. The good news is complete tree removal may not be necessary. Our educated tree technicians can evaluate the affected tree and decide if the entire tree needs to be removed or if the tree can be saved by only removing the diseased area.

Reduction in Property Value

One of the most bothersome consequences of diseased or damaged trees is how they can negatively affect the value of your Randburg property. If you are thinking of selling your home and relocating elsewhere, we highly recommend calling our office for an evaluation of your property. This can be especially helpful if you suspect any issues with the trees in your yard.

Trees blocking sunlight from Grass

Trees can grow wild and have its leaves and branches blocking necessary sunlight from your lawn. This is especially crucial when your lawn needs a lot of sunlight to thrive such as Kikuyu. We have met over hundreds of client who were about to give up on their lawn only to find out that trees were the culprits. The relationship between your lawn and your trees is not always obvious but very important. So next time you see your lawn struggling, you might need to “look up” for solutions.

Expert Lawn Care Staff at LawnKing Gardens

Request your free estimate today for our tree removal service, or give us a call at 068 474 7303. Our expert staff is knowledgeable in all things related to the health of your lawn, including trees. If there is a problem tree in your yard, we can take care of it before it causes any more damage. Along with our tree removal services, we also provide instant lawn, site clearance, artificial grass,  irrigation systems, stump removals and several other lawn care services. So contact us today and see how we can help beautify your yard in Randburg, Roodepoort, Midrand, Johannesburg and Pretoria.


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