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Essential Benefits Of Instant Turf

Instant Turf

On the surface (pardon the pun), well-maintained instant turf rewards its owners with an attractive outdoor space. A green, grassy haven on which children, pets and adults can enjoy themselves throughout the changing seasons. Interestingly, there are a number of additional benefits that come by choosing instant lawn in Randburg as opposed to an alternative ground covering.

Turf positively impacts the air, water and atmosphere around you

Once instant turf is laid, whether it is Kikuyu turf, LM grass, Evergreen Grass or Tiffsport grass, the immersion between the grass and atmosphere takes on a life of its own. Just as plants absorb carbon dioxide, so too does instant lawn. It then releases oxygen back into the air for a healthy surrounding environment. Turf is known to also reduce allergens in the air by trapping dust and airborne allergens in its grass blades.

When instant natural turf is used as a ground cover, water filtration occurs, aiding the ecosystems

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around. It is a good way to minimize flooding too. Of course, the deep root systems eventually established by the different types of instant turf in Randburg, promote essential underground habitats for microbial populations to effectively breakdown pollutants that may otherwise cause harm to humans and animals.

Instant turf is safe for the environment and cost effective

When considering your options for an outdoor upgrade, there are indeed a few choices besides instant turf. In Melbourne, outdoor trends include paved tiling, concrete, rubber surfacing, gravel and synthetic turf. Whilst the above alternatives might look nice and provide a minimalist and low maintenance lifestyle, none of them offer you or your family the health benefits that instant turf does. Synthetic grass contains toxins which eventually penetrate the ground below. Whereas, natural instant lawn in any of the varieties like Kikuyu grass, LM grass, Evergreen grass, etc all deliver physical, social and emotional wellness benefits.

Laying instant turf in Randburg is a cost effective way to upgrade your outdoor space. It is recommended to buy quality, weed-free turf and once it is laid, ongoing watering and low cost seasonal maintenance is needed. This includes appropriate grass fertilizer and mowing. Your Randburg turf specialist will be able to advise you which supplies you will need to get the most out of your natural lawn.

Natural lawn encourages outdoor enjoyment

An evergreen lawn provides a safe play area for your family. The visual impact of looking out to a spacious area can has an instantly calming and settling affect. Open space is excellent for morning meditation, perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day, an inviting area to open discussions with friends and family and also a hive for outdoor fun and games. Even during the cooler months, natural turf is an excellent, safe place for children to play.

The act of mowing the lawn can also be a motivating and rewarding task for people of all generations. For elderly people, this low level form of exercise is ideal. For young adults the task of lawn mowing is associated with responsibility and tangible success.

Instant turf adds value to your property

Typically, homes with outdoor spaces appeal to families. In Melbourne, the property market is saturated with townhouses that offer no natural lawn. One of the features on a sales campaign is a home with established lawn for entertainment. As well as a gorgeously green nature strip for curb side appeal. By adding LM Berea GrassKikuyu Grass or Couch Grass to your property, you will increase the visual attraction, appeal to more home buyers and inevitably bump up the sale price.

Now you understand the many environmental, physical, social and financial benefits of natural instant turf in Randburg. Now, select your perfect turf type is the best next step.

If you are keen to add instant turf to your new home, learn more about instant lawn here: https://lawnking.co.za/instant-lawn-supply-and-install-randburg/


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